Q: What’s the purpose of this website?
A: To make available years of research on TV programs and the early history of the recording industry. I also wanted to make available my books, and information about them. (I know people love the internet because there’s so much on it for FREE! But authors do appreciate a little support.)

Q: Do you answer individual questions?
A: No. Sorry, don’t have the time for that. Hopefully you’ll find what you need in some of the (free) articles or links on this site but if not keep looking, the internet’s a big place!

Q: Where can I sell my old records?
A: This is not a commercial site, and I do not buy or sell collections. There are many fine dealer and other sites with good advice. For starters try www.78rpm.com (click on Frequently Asked Questions).

Q: Why do I have problems accessing some pages on this site, or see strange characters on some pages?
A: You may be accessing the internet with a slow connection or an older browser. The site is optimized for Internet Explorer version 7.0, Netscape 9.0 and Firefox 2.0 (or later). I’d urge you to upgrade if you have something older (they’re free). If you still have a problem let me know on what page and what browser you are using.

Q: What are other people viewing on this site?
A: For one answer, click here.

My thanks to the following who contributed to this site:
Allen Koenigsberg, Antique Phonograph Monthly
Association for Recorded Sound Collections
David Giovannoni
Bob Siegel (original web design and execution. A fine programmer, musician and friend, who passed away tragically in 2008.)
Jeremy Goldsmith (site update/redesign. Check out his work at http://tabbysound.com/fatcat/index.html)

This page was last modified on January 22nd, 2023.
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