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High Drama in the Record Industry: Columbia Records, 1901-1934″ (ARSC Journal 33:1, 2002)

“Identifying Sources in Discographies” (ARSC Journal 31:2, 2000)

“Early Recordings of Songs from Florodora” (ARSC Journal 31:1, 2000)

“Early Recordings of Songs from Florodora” Florodora Recordings 1901-1902: Discography (ARSC Journal 31:1, 2000)

“Cal Stewart and the British ‘Negro Laughing Song'” (Hillandale News No. 228, Winter 1999/2000)

“Some Columbia Controversies: Harry Spencer, Diego Giannini, Mrs. Cal Stewart and Mme. Noe” (New Amberola Graphic No. 105, 2000, edited version)

“Willie Robyn: A Recording Artist in the 1920s,” Part 1 (ARSC Journal 23:1&2, 1992)

“Willie Robyn: A Recording Artist in the 1920s,” Part 2, with discography (ARSC Journal 23:2, 1992)

“Willie Robyn’s 101st Birthday Party” (New Amberola Graphic No. 93, 1995)

“One Hit Wonders of the Acoustic Era (And a Few Beyond)” (Antique Phonograph Monthly 9:2, 1990)

“Remembering Ted Fagan” (Antique Phonograph Monthly 8:5, 1987)

“The Strange Case of ‘Hula Love'” (Goldmine, March 2, 1984)

“A Survey of Record Collectors Societies” (ARSC Journal 16:3, 1984)

“A Directory to Columbia Recording Artists of the 1890s” (ARSC Journal 11:2-3, 1979)

“The Artifacts of Recording History: Creators, Users, Losers, Keepers” (ARSC Journal 11:1, 1979)

“Columbia Records in the 1890s: Founding the Record Industry” (ARSC Journal 10:1, 1978)

“The Last Words of Harry Hayward: A True Record Mystery” (Antique Phonograph Monthly 1:6, 1973)

Photo and Sound Gallery (click on a title to see or hear the resources)

Great Record Collectors of the Past: A Visit with Jim Walsh, 1970 (photos)

Great Record Collectors of the Past: Collectors of the 1970s (photos)

Edison National Historic Site Artist Recitals, 1972-1976 (photos)

Tim Brooks interview with Johnny Cash at Dartmouth College Hanover, N.H., February 8,1964 (audio)

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